The Telkom DGL Finals: More Than A Game

The Telkom DGL Finals: More Than A Game

October 4, 2016
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The Telkom DGL Finals: More Than A Game

To give you an idea of just how far the local industry has come this year, and what to look forward to at the Telkom DGL finals at rAge, we caught up with Adam ‘Adastam’ Moore from Aperture Gaming’s Dota 2 side as he and his team prepare for South Africa’s biggest ever eSports event.

In the years to come, we’ll all look back on 2016 as the tipping point for the local eSports industry. The year when eSports stepped out of the basement, the garage, the spare room, and wherever else we game, and into the public eye.

We’ve known this moment was coming for a while. But with the Telkom DGL Masters finals this weekend at rAge, a lot more people are about to discover that eSports has arrived in South Africa.

“The R1million prize pool announced at the beginning of the year sparked an enormous amount of life into the game. People are starting to realise that Dota 2 isn’t just a game anymore.


I can’t really say whether local tournaments have been inspired by the DGL Masters, but there have been A LOT more cash prize pool tournaments.


I took a year off from Dota 2 last year because I didn’t feel it was worth my time, but after the R1million announcement for rAge I immediately looked for a team to start competing with again. Shortly after I found Aperture Gaming and this sparked my Dota 2 career as a position 1 Carry.”

The effort versus reward for local gamers is something else we’ve talked about a lot in the past. If you want a clear indication that we’ve passed the point where the effort isn’t worth the reward, then there it is in dark grey Arial and white. Adastam had stopped competing entirely. In 2016, he’s back.

And together with the rest of the Aperture Dota team, he’s working his ass off. Because R200,000 in prize money, which is what you get for winning the Telkom DGL in either Dota 2 or CS:GO, is a big deal. Even seventh and eighth place, who get R25,000 each, will walk away with more cash than many other local tournaments give to their winners. The game has changed.

“This is absolutely massive for us. We have been shedding blood, sweat and tears, with a side of carpal tunnel. It is extremely important to do well as this has been everyone in my team’s goal. We have put in the effort to deliver an awesome performance.”

The Aperture guys are currently in the middle of a boot camp as they wrap up their preparation for the finals. A well-timed Dota 2 update means that they’ll need to make some adjustments to their strats, but hopefully that just means there will be some surprises in store for spectators.

And who knows, maybe someone other than Bravado will win. There certainly won’t be a single team going down without a fight. And not just a regular, “They put up a good fight” fight. This is a “R200,000 on the line” fight. The competition is going to be tough.

 “The top four teams I would say are: Bravado, WRG, APG and DC. Carbon are too YOLO, loose cannon and their play style is all over the place. And even though XTC finished second in the league, I don’t consider this relevant as DGL did an absolutely awful job of organising the league games around the WESG playoffs. You can’t expect the scene to grow if you are unwilling to be accommodating when chances like that happen.”

That sounds like a challenge to us. And one we can’t wait to see unfold over the weekend. There’s probably just one question left to be answered. How the hell does anyone beat Bravado Gaming? Don’t you worry, Adastam has a fool proof plan.

“They need to draft a team line-up in this order:


1 – PA

2 – Void

3 – Slardar

4 – Spirit Breaker

5 – Ogre Magi


Now all you have to do is pray to RNGESUS that you out bash them, out crit them, out multicast them and of course out “skill” them. Thanks for reading my guide #HowtobeatBVDwithRNG.”

Did we say fool proof? That’s our bad.

Thanks so much to Adastam for taking some time out between his busy training schedule to answer our questions.

Keep an eye out for our interview with LighteRTZ from Aperture’s CS:GO side on Thursday as we continue to ride the hype train for what is sure to be an epic Telkom DGL finals this weekend.


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