Castaway at WESG

Castaway at WESG

January 13, 2017
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Castaway at WESG

We took a little hiatus over Christmas and New Year to recharge and refocus for what is undoubtedly going to be a busy and exciting year for South African esports. We weren’t completely useless over that time though, we did some brainstorming. And it worked. We have some fresh, hopefully, new ideas for content for this year.

To show you exactly what we mean by that, we did a WhatsApp interview with Travis ‘Castaway’ Waters after Bravado Gaming’s final game at WESG against T Show. Which they won and Castaway played an insane Invoker. We’ll be doing this style of interview with players and esports personalities throughout the year, particularly after big events. It’s nice and easy for the interviewee and lets us give you lot a look into the thoughts and feelings of our local pros.

We hope you enjoy. And a massive thank you to Castaway for taking the time to chat to us right after the games. And sending us a selfie. #productionvalue

Castaway - WESG


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