eXdee: Focusing on the future

eXdee: Focusing on the future

March 15, 2017
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eXdee: Focusing on the future

Towards the end of last year, we had a bit of a clairvoyant moment during an article with Devin ‘HellbirD’ Rigotti while we were talking about Bravado’s potential plans for a new Dota 2 team. We may or may not have casually slipped the idea into everyone’s subconscious of shipping eXdee’s roster wholesale over to BvD. And, as of a few days ago, you may now tremble in fear of our mighty all-seeing powers. Also, feel free to DM us for those winning Lotto numbers.

This has however left eXdee’s owner, DeWet ‘RidditZ’ Lombard-Bovey, in a bit of a pickle. The team is currently sitting second in the DGL Masters Leg 1, which means there are some pretty damn big shoes that need filling. So, like any respectable media house, we pounced on the opportunity to take advantage of someone’s distress in order to get some views on our site and we asked RidditZ about the new Dota 2 team, and his plans for the MGO moving forward.

“We will move forward exactly the same way that we have been. Developing outstanding talent, and helping them grow not just within their respective titles, but as people and team members as well. We are there every step of the way.


Regarding Dota 2, We already have a new Dota 2 team lined up and I am extremely excited looking at their potential. A bunch of youngsters with a LOT of talent. You have also mentioned this in previous articles. And we are here to nurture that talent, help them, and also give them the right mental outlook to take on the biggest and baddest MGO’s in SA.”

You obviously recall the articles that RidditZ is referring to here (you do read every single one of our articles, right?). This one featuring Chris ‘Sargon’ House about the Emerald Showdown, which this “bunch of youngsters” won; and the other was a story with HellbirD in which he told us to look out for a mysterious young player known only as ‘Hunter’. We’ve heard good things.

It still may seem like a risky move on RidditZ’s part, picking up a team of relatively unknown youths to try and uphold eXdee’s excellent start to the season. But it seems he wants to build a powerhouse team from the ground up, instead of sticking to the already-established names of the industry. RidditZ is well aware of the plethora (GLHF: What a word.) of young talent all over the place, and has had enough of the same players being recycled from team to team.

“That has been one of the biggest criticisms from the local esports community. And that is something we have taken to heart. Give new upcoming players the chance to prove themselves. Help them grow and mature in a competitive but professional scene. And you have GOLD.


There are a lot of youngsters out there. That might not have the team skills, or the experience that some of the top teams have, but they have the individual skill. And if you put in effort from your side (the MGOs’ side) you can help teach them. And get an amazing team in return.


MGO’s need to put time and effort into their young teams, and they will see the rewards.”

We couldn’t agree more. Every team in every sport in the history of ever has had to have that tough conversation with itself: Do we play our best, most experienced players until they retire, or do we start to grow our youngsters by giving them the attention and experience they need now? Seems like it was a pretty easy solve for RidditZ though.

“To be honest the previous eXdee owners and team approached the guys from Constant already before they moved. The players had been performing very well in the Premier Division, and had been scrimming against some of the the Masters teams and winning.


I had been following some of the players from last year as well. And after talking to them, and sitting with them in TeamSpeak while they play scrims and practice for a few weeks. I liked what I saw, and liked what I heard. I saw a lot of potential. And decided that I would extend the invite officially.”

Which brings us quite nicely to the most difficult question of all: How well does RidditZ see the new eXdee lads performing under their new colours?

“Haha, that is a loaded question. Answer high and we don’t achieve that, then it looks bad. Answer low to surprise people and then people might get the wrong impression.”

GLHF, the masters of hard-hitting journalism.

“Keep in mind scrims are different than actual competitive games where a lot more is at stake.
However I honestly do think that we will end in the top half of Masters this year. And with the right mindset we definitely have a shot at top three again moving towards the end of the year, leading into 2018. I have a lot of faith in the team, and their potential. These young players have a lot to offer and I am sure they will surprise everyone.


Plus brotherly rivalry (Fury and Hunter) is always good as it pushes not just themselves but everyone around them to get better. They have been putting in hours and hours into ranked and team ranked. And the level of commitment from the entire team is amazing.”

We’re sure that the new eXdee players must feel super stoked to have an owner with so much confidence in them. No matter their performance for the rest of the year, RidditZ has made it clear that he backs these guys 100%, and wants to help them grow into the Dota 2 heavyweights he knows they can be. And he is just as confident the MGO as a whole will continue to shine.

“eXdee Gaming made its name as a brand new MGO, making waves. We will continue to grow talent within, and will continue to take on the top MGO’s in South Africa.”

We certainly can’t wait to see what eXdee Gaming has in store for us in both the near and distant futures. RidditZ had more to say about the previous eXdee players leaving, what the DGL are doing with old Constant Gaming’s spot in the DGL Masters Cup qualifiers, and just how important it is to be honest and transparent with your teammates. Keep your eyes peeled for the full interview, coming soon to a webpage near you.


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