RidditZ On Constant Becoming eXdee Dota 2.0

RidditZ On Constant Becoming eXdee Dota 2.0

March 17, 2017
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RidditZ On Constant Becoming eXdee Dota 2.0

Earlier in the week you may have seen the article we published with DeWet ‘RidditZ’ Lombard-Bovey talking about eXdee Gaming acquiring Constant Gaming, DGL Dota 2 Emerald Showdown winners, as their new Dota side. But that piece was mostly about how excited he is to show South Africa what his new team can do, as well as a few wise words about giving youth a chance to shine in local esports.

We thought that you fine folk would like to take a gander at the full interview, because there are some interesting bits and pieces in there. Things like how Bravado found themselves with a sweet, new Dota side that’s one of the best in the country. There was loads of offense given and taken when Bravado acquired some of the old Carbon Counter-Strike players a little while ago, but the way RidditZ tells it, Andreas and Bravado were all very open and above board with the eXdee transfer. No skulduggery (GLHF: What a great word.) or theft of players going on there. So put away your pitchforks for that cause.

But something you can potentially get them out for again is what might happen to Constant Gaming’s spot in the Masters Wildcard Qualifier. We have a feeling it will cause some serious rioting across the pages of the internet if it actually happens. But enough from us, treat yo’selves to all the juicy details below.



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