Putting The Mega Into Mega8

Putting The Mega Into Mega8

April 26, 2017
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Putting The Mega Into Mega8

Last time we spoke to Mega8’s Alex Schmid, we chatted about how they’re built with the burgeoning professional gamer in mind. This time we’re talking about the lessons they’ve learned and the progress they’re making in refining their tournaments into fault-free esports environments. Like any purveyor of fine events should, they are constantly looking to learn from past errors to just, well, be better.

The best lessons come from our own mistakes. For example, we initially thought the Masters league was an esports league for people over forty. Jokes. But really, mistakes are important for helping us learn and grow. People often even encourage making them. So let’s start by finding out just what knowledge Mega8 has gained from their previous tournaments.

“Production is key. We made the mistake of going with the wrong production team at the Dota 2 Summer Invitational in December and it cost us. However, we have found a great partner in Urban Brew Studios and will be working with them going forward.”

If you aren’t aware by now, loyal reader, most of the event organisers and participants we speak to list production quality as a top priority. A partnership with Urban Brew Studios goes a long way to secure confidence in Mega8’s production value going forward.

For those that aren’t familiar with the house, they’ve been involved in TV production since 1995, bringing the South African public quality broadcasts of game and reality shows, variety and sports shows, documentaries and soapies, and much, much more.

“We also learnt that CS:GO is not the same as Dota 2 (GLHF: A very important lesson to learn.) from a format and tournament organiser’s standpoint. Deciding on the best format for both the qualifiers and the main event is a difficult task and I found that regardless of our decisions we will always attract criticism from members of the community.


The unfortunate reality is that there is no set international standard, especially for CS:GO. The formats in international tournaments are ever changing and it’s difficult to agree which is the best. A great example is the Swiss system, we used it in our qualifiers and it produced some great CS over the qualifiers weekend. However, a couple years ago it was slated and disregarded by both the international CS:GO community as well as our local community.”

It’s tough to please everyone. It’s doubly difficult to please some people who maybe performed worse than they wanted to, and they’ll find anything to blame other than their own poor performance.

But the goal is not to please 100% of people 100% of the time. It’s about giving gamers the chance to earn some dollar, entertaining crowds at all turns, and striving to build local esports into a solid career for gamers. And that’s what Mega8 is all about.

And, speaking of entertaining crowds, now that we know how Mega8 has done at previous tournaments, let’s talk about what they are scheming with regards to future events.

“We plan to host various LAN events from July onwards.”

This. This right here has us excited. LAN gaming provides us with the truest form of esports due to the close-to-zero latency, so best clear your calendars for some tournaments coming soon.

“However, we will still be hosting many online tournaments as well. All our leagues will also remain online. We are waiting for our partners at Urban Brew Studios to make their big move.


Their new location will have an arena type building which is where we will be hosting the majority of our LAN events in the future. In terms of details unfortunately I can’t spill the beans yet, but keep a lookout on our website and Facebook page for our upcoming announcements.”

Ah, a cliff-hanger. That’s naughty. But luckily for you, we at GLHF are true journalists, so we pushed super hard (GLHF: We waited in awkward silence until he told us more.) and got Alex to give us some more info on their tournament plans for this year.

“I’m hesitant to answer this fully, however I can say that there will be at least 11 more events (LAN and online) over the next year. What I can say is there will be a CS:GO Spring Cup in August/September and a Dota 2 Summer Cup in December. The rest you’ll just have to wait and see.”

That’s better. Now all you budding pro gamers and esports fans have something more to look forward to. Eleven somethings to be exact.

Like absolutely no one in Westeros, we’re glad winter is coming. Because with it comes the Mega8 Dota 2 Winter Cup. August would have been a long, long time to wait for such high quality entertainment.

And just incase the console brother- and sisterhood thought we’d forgotten about them, Alex has some tasty bread crumbs for them to follow too.

“I’m hesitant to announce our new game titles in the fear we may disappoint due to licensing issues. However, we will be adding game titles and they will have prize pools attached to their leagues and tournaments. I’ll give you a hint: Warm up those controllers, you’re going to need them.”


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