Adastam in a state of xTc

Adastam in a state of xTc

June 14, 2017
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Adastam in a state of xTc

If you follow the local Dota scene, you probably remember a rather surprising announcement earlier in the year regarding a roster change by a top-tier team. That’s right, we’re referring to Aperture Gaming’s sudden decision to cut Adam ‘Adastam’ Moore from their line-up.

We say surprising, because surely any team would jump at the opportunity to have a 5.5k MMR core player in their team. Which is exactly what Adastam’s current team, xTc Gaming did when they heard he was out on the streets, in the cold, looking for a loving home.

xTc’s performance has been phenomenal of late, helped in no small way by the powerhouse carry. And even though his move wasn’t exactly planned, he couldn’t be happier.

“It was indeed an unplanned change for me. But I really feel like I’m in a good place right now. There’s just something about the setup at xTc. I’m feeling extremely confident here, especially considering our recent results.


With these guys I’ve finally finished a South African Dota 2 competitive tournament in the top two again! I haven’t placed this high since I played for Energy a few years ago at rAge. So you could definitely say things are really great at xTc right now.”

Ah, the classic “the grass is greener on the other side when you’re forced to leave” story. No, wait, that’s not how that goes. Well, it is for Adastam at least.

He’s fitting in well with his new team, and has even managed to leave behind any ill feelings toward his old team. Well, after a bit of deserved gloating, of course.

“The first time we beat ApG 2-0 I almost got a rampage, but _Dota-and-die_ stole it from me! After that series I was of course feeling really excited, really amped for more, and happy with the result. It was honestly a kind of “prove them wrong” sort of moment.


Beating any team feels good, but beating ApG in particular gave me a slightly better feeling. That feeling has since passed. Now when we play ApG I’m focused on the win and not on the opposition players; it’s just like any other fixture.”

A spot of finger wagging and back to business as usual – a masterclass in how to deal with undesirable situations.

And business as usual for xTc seems to be going extremely well. They are now able to say with confidence that they are the second best Dota 2 team in the country, held back only by the behemoth that is WRG.

“I obviously love that xTc are one of the top two teams in the country, as we proved at both the VS Gaming Masters LAN and Mega8 Winter Cup. The spot is far from secure however, as things tend to change quickly in Dota. Especially with several strong contenders for the spot.


We have been so focused on obtaining that second position that we haven’t given WRG much thought. They’re an extremely strong side at the moment and it will take a little more than a coordinated DDOS to bring them down. Perhaps a little nudge to their LAN cable at the next event might do the trick…”

Why not a DDOS attack followed by a LAN cable tug? Maybe throw some ransomware in there too for good measure? What about some good old South African bribery and corruption? We’re joking, by the way. While we love it when champions rise and fall (it’s good for business), we obviously only support fair play.

Straying away from the serious talk of competitors and competition, we have something more important to discus with Adastam, this:

adastam xtc

That’s his Valve-style player card, made by the good people over at DotA Express ZA. And we’ve noticed a couple of unexpected figures.

Adastam is a core. Cores need to farm. And farm. And farm some more. It’s kinda their thing, farming until they’re super stronk and can go win the game. So why exactly is his supporting almost as good as his farming?

“Haha, well that is sort of easy to explain. I’ve kind of decided to try supporting in ranked over fighting with people to try get a core role. Most of the time carry and mid are instantly picked and someone has to support.”

And that notable difference between his solo and group MMR? Surely Adastam isn’t being carried again by his old friend, Ryan Kankowski.

“I guess I went through a stage with ApG where we were grinding a lot of party MMR and I got it quite high there. Kankowski’s party MMR is too low for us to queue together I think.”

Hmm, okay. Guess we’ll have to take his word for it this time.

Speaking of words, there was a controversial video released by VS Gaming, of xTc’s DOOMbunni throwing some pregame shade at Energy. It was the most one-sided battle since Godzilla took on that Japanese city. While we at GLHF thought it was great, the rest of the community was rather divided on the matter.

“I found it pretty funny in the heat of the moment. A lot of people who saw it considered it in poor taste (or just a really negative video in general I guess). I think that’s because this smack talking session was super one sided. I do understand how it can come across in a bad light, but I laughed at the good-natured banter.”

Before you join the half of the community that is super salty over the video, it is worth noting that the whole thing was a setup, and that there is no bad blood between xTc and eN.

There could however be some bad blood between Adastam and former Evil Geniuses captain, Peter ‘ppd’ Dager. Ingame bad blood of course, because who could actually dislike a guy like Adastam.

“Funniest moment I have with playing versus a pro was against PPD. I picked Enigma vs him, and during the mid game I blinked on him, solo Black Holed him and typed in all chat, ‘THIS IS HOW YOU BLACK HOLE PPD’.


He was streaming at the time and I saw him insta-report me for that.”

We’re pretty sure getting reported by an international star on live stream is actually a Steam achievement. And if it isn’t, it totally should be.

Adastam may have been unceremoniously removed from his previous team, and probably at the time never saw himself at xTc, but it seem as though it was the best thing that could’ve happened to his Dota career (GLHF: apart from being featured in our articles, of course.).

We’re flipping excited for their next clash against top dogs WRG. Who knows, maybe we’ll see a trash talk video with a cameo featuring the intimidating figure of Ryan Kankowski.


glhf good luck have fun glhf good luck have fun

[Featured image from xTc Facebook page.]

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