ESL Africa Finals Predictions

ESL Africa Finals Predictions

October 5, 2017
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ESL Africa Finals Predictions

What’s this? Two articles in one week from Good Luck Have Fun? Yes, dear reader, we’re spoiling you. It’s rAge this weekend and we just can’t contain ourselves.

The thing we’re most excited about: The ESL Africa finals. For the first time ever a true champion of Africa will be crowned (GLHF: We can say that without getting accused of overhyping it, right?).

As any respectable group of journalists would do before such a big event, we thought we’d dabble in some wild speculation with three gentlemen who know a thing or two about the CS:GO.

We’ve got some predictions from the man with a hat for these sorts of things (and his own video), axtremes, a guy who Eminem would put on Tampax, Anthrax, and the most appropriately nicknamed man in the entire world for an article full of predictions, Profeci.

Straight out the gate, the $22,833 (GLHF: Or the 311,821 rand and 15 cents.) question, who’s going to win it?


“I’d have to say Limitless based on the play in the group stages. While they had a horrible final game of the season they always looked in control of most of their matches and I think their team play and individual skill is better than ours.


Also Bravado and Energy are both in a weird spot at the moment where both are winning but not looking as lean, mean and well oiled as about two months ago.”


“It’s incredibly tough to call since we haven’t yet seen any North African vs South African games which means we really won’t know what’s going to happen until we see them on the same server locked in mortal combat.


It’s interesting how both regions’ play styles are such a massive contrast, which means either side could potentially be the other’s hard counter. I shall be patriotic and say Bravado Gaming based on their experience and superior map pool, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Limitless take it through sheer firepower.”


“My heart will always be with Bravado they are the team to beat at the moment. Energy are looking hot after their ESWC win over Bravado and you almost get the feeling that they want this more than the ESWC win.


The North African teams are an enigma though, they have a completely different play style to what I have seen in South Africa so it will be interesting to see how the SA teams try and counter this kind of play style.”

One prediction in and we’ve got one traitor to his country, one patriot and one emotional Anthrax. Let’s hope he can keep it together until the end.

So, on to the next prediction: Who’s gonna be, the MVP? (GLHF: The sweet rhymes are complimentary.)


“Given that I’ve gone with Limitless I think it would be silly to not pick one their guys, right? I’d say Kheops looks like a monster right now and, since he’s their primary entry player, against the more defensive South Africans I think he’s going to have to put in a big shift for his team.


Remind is another player that is in with a shout. More passive but cleans up the mess Kheops invariably leaves in his trail. The potential battle between Kheops and Sonic is a mouthwatering prospect though.”


“Sonic. The man consistently provides the carry performances for his team, win or lose. Even when he’s incredibly sick and should be in bed like at the Orena ESWC 2017 Qualifiers. They lost but he still carried. He’s a pretty sure bet as MVP, even if Bravado don’t win.”


“The usual suspects will come out here along the lines of Sonic or Domsterr from an SA front, JT and Kanii also perform really well on LAN so are two other possible candidates. You have the likes of Kheops from that also could find himself in the MVP running as well.


The simple truth is outside of these names someone is going to have to stand up and be counted, this will always most definitely come in the form of either Detrony or Blackpoison.”

Sonic and Kheops coming out as the favourites there, but some other incredible CS:GOers (GLHF: Credit to axtremes for that word.) also in the mix. It just serves as a reminder how good the weekend’s Counter-Strike is going to be.

The next prediction is one potentially charged with emotion, be strong Anthrax. Who has the most to prove in the ESL Africa finals?


“Blackpoison, captain of Energy. If anyone told you before this year that Blackpoison would lead Energy against BVD you’d call them crazy. The situation around his exit from the boys in blue to their arch enemy means that he will be desperate to prove that he was right in his thinking.


He’s beaten Bravado on LAN, the ESWC Qualifier, once this year with a huge personal performance. Now he has to beat the best of North Africa before he can perhaps get another chance at his former comrades.”


“Kheops from Limitless. Is he just a massive onliner or is he really the unstoppable entry-fragging force that we think he might be?


He’s already partially proven his offline credentials when Limitless recently won the North African Cyber League Summer Playoffs. Can he go a step further at rAge? Him playing well is most definitely a win condition for Limitless.”


“Every single player will have something to prove this weekend. This is the first ESL event in South African history and you can see how much this means to everyone.”

You know we love a good story line and thanks to some great insight from our trio we now have some intriguing storylines to follow over the course of the finals. Have we mentioned we’re excited?

Moving along to our next prediction: Which player is most likely to catch a knife with their body?


“Someone up against Sonic. He’s a big fan of the flying leap into knife ‘strat’.”


“(GLHF: Answer redacted because of spoilers. We had a scoop! We really did, but we can’t share it with you yet. We scooped too hard.)”


“Sonic will always be the one to go for the cheeky knife when he can, so whoever gets in his way the most will probably suffer his wrath.”

There’s a lesson to be learned here kids, if you ever see Sonic in a dark alley, you run your ass off because he will knife yo’ ass.

The next prediction on the list, who will flash their teammates the most?


“Robben from Limitless. The speed at which they play means Kheops is always running into sites half blind from flashes, but just hits the shots anyway.”


“Domsterr. It will be unintentional of course. For a star player he does an inordinate amount of supportive donkey work throwing smokes and flashes for Energy. Once in awhile a flash will catch a teammate. It’s inevitable.”


“All the teams are professional players I doubt that kind of tomfoolery will be happening.”

We meant expose their naked bodies to their team, but being the professionals that they are our predictors tell us who they think will flash bang their team the most. If you’d like the naked bodies prediction, our money is on axtremes. We’re sure he’s dying to let loose and whip that hat off.

The final prediction. Now we’re the ones getting emotional, this has been so much fun we don’t want it to end. Here we go: Which player has spent the most on their CS:GO skins?


“Probably Detrony. I remember him having the insanely awesome Karambit Doppler knife which is mega bucks.”


“I’d guess Sonic. Just his sweet purple Pandora’s Box Sport Gloves alone are worth anywhere from R7k to R25k. I’m not sure of the wear pattern, so they are likely to be somewhere in the middle of that in terms of value. Who knows what the rest of his inventory is worth. Those gloves haunt me… <3”


“I have absolutely no idea, but I do know this guy has spent a little.

If you would kindly follow the link through to the next page you will notice that the fellow or fellowette (GLHF: Made that up, we’ll admit it.) Anthax is referring to has two Souvenir Dragon Lore AWPs worth a casual $25k each, as well as a pair of the sweet purple Pandora’s Box Sport Gloves that haunt axtremes. And, you know, tons of knives and other gloves and souvenirs. Whatever.

Bit late to mention it now, but Ax, don’t follow that link, you will have nightmares for the rest of your days.

There you have it. Some predictions to get you all amped up for the weekend’s action. A huge thank you to Profeci for his insight, axtremes for loving his country and Anthrax for keeping his emotions under control.


P.S. We didn’t really ask them to predict who would expose their private parts to their team the most, we meant the flash bang thing. Promise.

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