Joining The Legion With GeeMax

Joining The Legion With GeeMax

November 8, 2017
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Joining The Legion With GeeMax

Mettlestate and Evetech, the combination that brought us the Valkyrie Challenge, have joined forces once again to create another unique esports initiative. But this time they’re not doing it for the ladies, they’re doing it for the noobs.

And they’re doing it for Dota. And for Lenovo’s new range of Legion laptops. And for Kaameel Chicktay (GLHF: Kaameel with two ‘A’s. Nailed it.). And GeeMax. You’re beginning to see why it’s called: Join the Legion.

While the primary aim of the Valkyrie Challenge was to put top female gamers in the spotlight via the medium of CS:GO, Join the Legion instead looks to shine some light on Dota 2, which has been eclipsed by CS:GO in the local scene this year.

The format is similar, with just a single showmatch between two teams set to take place. However, the twist this time is that only one member of each team will be a professional (GLHF: Or semi-professional, or amateur-professional, or wishes-they-could-call-themselves-professional, whatever the accepted term is at the moment.) with Mettlestate accepting applications from players of any and all skill levels to fill up the other four spaces in each squad.

None other than Sinister5’s Adam ‘Adastam’ Moore and Goliath Gaming’s Michele ‘Stickalish’ Brondani will be captaining the two sides. You probably knew that already, but we had to add that bit in for the people who only scroll down their Facebook wall looking at the pictures.

After the PR masterstroke Sinister5 pulled off at rAge, inviting fans to play for them in the main event, we can’t help but applaud another move of that fashion that gets more people involved in the esports side of Dota 2 locally.

George ‘GeeMax’ Smith will be one part of the duo casting the event and, if our sources are correct (GLHF: They are. It’s all over Twitter.), he has been trying to convince Barry Louzada to host a Dota 2 tournament for quite some time, so is in a perfect position to tell us all about it. And gloat a little.

“I feel like a small victory has been won indeed, and it is no secret that I have a love for Dota. However, this tournament is far bigger than my doing – I just play the HypeMax role. The concept was formulated by Kaameel and tweaked by Sam (GLHF: Or as we like to call her, Sam Wright From Tech Girl. That’s technically her full name.) and Barry. (GLHF: Just Barry. Or Sir Anthrax.)


At the end of the day, I hope that people see this as a positive thing. Sure, it’s not the 16 team tournament that they may have hoped for. However, it is the end of the year and 2018, like Dota’s meta, has endless possibilities.


This definitely will be a fantastic proof of concept for Mettlestate and the local community, and I am excited to show them what we’ve got.”

No matter which way you slice it, Dota 2 has been eclipsed by CS:GO in the local scene this year, but there are a number of potential reasons for that and none of them include Dota being a boring game to watch, which is why tournaments that put it back in the spotlight, like this one, get us so excited. And why we’re grateful for GeeMax constantly rashing Anthrax about hosting one. RashMax for the win.

“As an esport, Dota is one of those games that feels unpredictable. Sure, there are teams who draft specific ways, and have players who play predictable heroes – but that means nothing.


The game progresses through various stages, with so many unique possibilities created through thoughtful teamwork and ability usage, it leaves spectators in suspense as to what will transpire next.


With an ever developing meta it feels that new things are brought to each game, leaving a taste for more every single time.”

While any event promoting esport locally will get a nod of approval from us, this tournament skates a very thin line in its appeal to the gaming community at large. On the one hand, it needs to be interesting enough for veteran players to tune in, but also needs to attract the less-hardcore Dota players and maybe even catch the eye of someone who has never played the game before.

It’s almost looking to transcend a typical esports event and be an entertaining viewing experience. Which is something we shouldn’t forget in esports. We’re just putting on a show.

“Dota 2 has quite a large skill gap and learning curve. It may not be the esport that appeals to a non-dota player or fan locally. However, I’ve had many non-dota friends watch the annual International tournaments and, even without knowing much about what was going on, enjoyed the production and show for what it was.”

And that’s where the expertise of Mettlestate and Evetech comes in.

“Having Evetech on board once again for another local esports event is fantastic; Mettlestate of course brings great production value to the table too. If more people and brands like what they see, then they will want to get involved.


Because of the complexity involved in the game, it can sometimes get intense for new viewers. Kaameel is a fantastic analytical caster with a good game knowledge and insight into our local scene. Balancing it out, we have me – I’ll be doing my best to appeal to our newer viewers. Overall, it’s exciting. I am amped.”

Wait a second. Geemax is casting without Tiny? How is that even possible? Sange and Yasha aren’t nearly as strong separate as they are combined. A little Dota joke to show you all we have done our research and know what we are talking about.

“Yes, actually that hurts when you ask because the anxiety is real. The real question is having to try deal with Kaameel – he already gives me flak, because he is the Dota caster and I’m just ‘that CS dude that yells on pistol rounds’.


Unfortunately for him, his biceps are nowhere near the size of Tiny’s and I don’t give in to his intimidation.”

We were a bit surprised Tiny wasn’t also invited to cast the Join the Legion event, he’s clearly a massive Dota fan, having named himself after one of the game’s heroes. That is where his name comes from, right? It doesn’t make sense otherwise, because he’s not tiny at all. The opposite in fact.

Next up on the agenda is trying to get GeeMax to pick a side: Adastam or Stickalish?

“Team Adastickalish are okay (kidding, don’t make me FanMax).”

We’re starting to see why Kaameel gives him so much flak.

“But I think that it’s cooler for the new players to get to compete in this! Can I be team NewPlayers, because everyone wins?”

Yes, that’s better. We’ll accept that.

The action kicks off on Saturday 18 November at the Evetech Studio and if you are keen to get involved but are too chicken to actually enter the tournament (GLHF: We won’t reveal how many of us fall into that category.) then click here to book your tickets. Act fast, though, they’re free and being given out on a first-come-first-served basis. And whenever you talk about the event, be sure to use #JoinTheLegion. If you’re talking about it IRL (in real life), be sure to say ‘hashtag’ Join The Legion.

glhf. Noobs.

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