A picture is worth a thousand words

A picture is worth a thousand words

May 23, 2018
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A picture is worth a thousand words

As you know by now (GLHF: Because we tell you often enough.), we’re all about telling local esports stories, most of the time that means helping give players and teams the spotlight they deserve. This week we have something a little different, but are still showcasing someone equally deserving of a place in the limelight.

The rockstars of esports have and always will be the players. They’re the ones that make the awesome plays that take our breath away and make us wish we hadn’t listened to our parents when they told us we’d played enough games and needed to go outside for a bit.

Of course, behind the players there are the MGOs and support staff, then there are the shoutcasters and panel hosts that add extra colour to events in and around the matches. Then there are the sponsors whose money quite literally makes it all possible. And the fans who’s support is why we all do what we do. All of these people come together to make esports what it is.

This week, we aren’t talking to or about any of those people. This week, in the immortal words of Monty Python, it’s time for something completely different. This week, we’re chatting about something that is close to all of our hearts at GLHF: An esports creative.

We stumbled across Pregan Pillay’s work as an esports photographer by pure coincidence (GLHF: Shoutout to Twitter.), but once we’d had a peak we had to find out more. And we had to show you fine readers what he can do.

You can probably tell by our own portfolio that we’re fans of big wordy articles, but in the spirit of doing something different and so as not to take anything away from Pregan’s work, we decided to let him and his pictures tell their own story.

“Since I was a kid I was always into art. I took up photography after high school because I hated writing and drawing – the creative process was just too long.


Photography opened up a new world for me to tell stories through my lens. I started to shoot more from 2011 and people started to notice my work. I started my own business and shot weddings and events for extra cash. I chose esports in 2017 because it was new to me, it wasn’t scripted, and players and fans would express such emotion as they played. Once I shot my first esports event, I was hooked.”

“Photography is a powerful medium. In a single frame I can capture the emotion of a player or a fan – that’s storytelling. I would consider esports photography a necessity to reach more people, especially on social media. It allows people to see the “moment”, and I think through esport photography we could possibly get more people and companies curious enough to engage more within esports.”

“The best thing about doing this is knowing that I can promote the culture of esports through my craft and meeting extraordinary people. Oh, and getting spoiled by the organisers with free energy drinks.”

“Experiencing an esports event through the lens of a camera is not that different, especially when you’re trying to focus on the players or fans. I still need to be attentive to the game at all times. For me it’s still fun though, waiting in anticipation for a reaction from players and fans alike.”

“I started off just doing this for fun, but now I see that my skills are needed. In five years I want to be South Africa’s best esports photographer. In 10 years I would love to travel with our local teams overseas and capture their moments of glory.”

As much as we’re words people, there is no denying the importance of good pictures. They’ve started movements, changed lives, created stars, broken hearts and, in esports, helped prove that games are most certainly not just for kids in their parents’ basements. Pregan, South African esports thanks you. Well we’re thanking you, but assume they would too.

If you’re keen to see more of this extremely talented individuals work, check him out on Facebook, Twitter, his website or drop him an email on probably one of the best email addresses in local esports: aweh@preganpillay.net.


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