We are Good Luck Have Fun and we’re all about telling local esports stories.

How you ask?

We interview South African esports players and personalities to get their thoughts and opinions on what’s happening in the local esports scene. We discuss local events, we profile local teams and playres, we explore ways to grow the local scene and we do it all while keeping things fun. Because playing games should be fun.

Why do we do this?

To meet famous people like ReDeYe, obviously. But also to help the local scene grow, by telling South Africa and the world about the incredible local esports teams and players we have in this country. And we love playing games.

We thought this would let us play more games. It doesn’t, because when we would be playing games, we’re now writing about other people playing games. But we’re okay with that.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you want to talk us about anything SA esports related.